Sunday, April 25, 2004

Against Iraq or against Bush?

Bob Woodward, author of Plan of Attack, just finished up on Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Four points:

Regarding the "secret plan" to lower oil prices prior to the November elections, Woodward mentioned that the Saudi ambassador had told the press on April 2nd that they intended to keep the price of oil below $30 a barrel. Woodward's explanation for this lapse of secrecy "Hide in plain sight?". I have a better one - there was no secret plan. The Saudis have a long standing policy to keep oil prices low for fears of tanking the global economy and thereby hurting exports.

Woodward complained about high gas prices, complaining in effect that the secret plan wasn't working. So what's the bigger story - the plan or its failure?

Woodward said it would be "interesting" to see if oil and gasoline prices dropped as we get closer to the November election. Anyone who drives knows that gas prices go up each Summer as more people hit the road. Woodward should at least try to understand what he's writing about.

Both Woodward and Russert harped on the disclosure that President Bush didn't consult his father before deciding to invade Iraq. If he had, wouldn't they be criticizing that?