Thursday, April 22, 2004


Did some of Sadaam's Oil-for-Food kick-backs go to Al Quaeda? Sources say "Maybe" as Claudia Rosett connected the dots over the weekend:

Claudia Rosett on Oil-for-Food & Terrorism on National Review Online

Step back in time to 1998: in Iraq you had Saddam, who hated America and had lots of extra cash due to the UN's fraudulent handling of the oil-for-food program but was unable to act directly. In Afghanistan, you had Al Quaeda, which hated America and was acting directly against us but needed cash.

Put two and two together and anyone with can see that it makes sense for both sides to put aside their differences and cooperate against their common enemy, anyone that is except the Left. Why? Either:

- They're so blinded by their own doctrinal rigidity that they can't conceive of any two groups working together unless they agree on every point of dogma ("Sunnis and Shiites can't even work together - forget about either working with a secularist like Saddam"), or

- They're so blinded by their hatred of W that they're ignoring the facts to make political points by condemning the war in Iraq as a distraction from the war on terror.

In either case, they're wrong.