Saturday, April 24, 2004

The War in Iraq

Victor David Hanson has become one of my favorite historians and when he turns his attention to Iraq it makes for indispensable reading.

Here he systematically debunks the Left's top five talking points on the war.

The bottom line is that our allies aren't that important to the war effort. The fighting in both Afghanistan and Iraq was done almost entirely by U.S. forces - our allies come in to help with the clean-up. While the departure of the Spanish contingent in Iraq may be a blow politically, there are more troops in Iraq from the New Hampshire National Guard than from Spain.

This is why Kerry's plan to involve the UN is either disingenuous or stupid or both. Any real fighting done by the UN (Korea, the Gulf War) has been done by U.S. troops. Which countries does Kerry expect to provide troops this time? France? Their UN peace-keeping contingent in the Ivory Coast isn't allowed to leave their base.

Kissing up to the international community isn't going to help us on the ground in Iraq and as far as moral justifications go, what standing does the UN really deserve? To paraphrase the oft-quoted Andrew Jackson "One country with courage makes a majority".