Friday, May 07, 2004

The War in Iraq

More moral equivalence from the Left. Senator Robert Byrd just spent five minutes pontificating instead of addressing any real questions to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. During his venting, he called the incidents of prisoner abuse "atrocities" and "a catastrophe".

Lets get this straight; what occurred in Abu Ghraib is a crime and will be punished. What occurred on September 11th was an atrocity, the murders and torture of hundreds of thousands of people that occurred in Iraq under Saddam was an atrocity, the recent murder of a pregnant Israeli woman and her four young daughters by Palestinian terrorists was an atrocity, the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reported Daniel Pearl was an atrocity, the murder of four American contractors and the desecration of their bodies in Iraq was an atrocity, the genocide in the Balkans and in Rwanda and now in the Sudan, are atrocities. The degradation and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by their guards, while shameful and a crime, was not an atrocity.

Let's not throw this word around too often lest we forget its true meaning.