Friday, June 25, 2004

America at War - What We Face

In his column in the WSJ, Daniel Henniger writes that the beheadings of Nicholas Berg, Paul Johnson and Kim Sun Il are the starkest evidence of the evil we face and questions whether the Left understands this.
"Conservatives do believe in evil, and liberals either no longer do or they don't wish to allow the idea of evil to be explicit in our politics. I would guess that Mr. Hertzberg's view is shared by most of the people working on John Kerry's campaign. They would never ask Mr. Kerry to say in public that the beheadings are "evil." Or if he did, it would be merely as a tactical concession for the moment to the "moral vocabulary" of the world inhabited by the sort of people who support George Bush.

But after absorbing these beheadings, voters may start to ask themselves which man's ideology has, if one may use this term, sufficient moral fiber to stand up to what they are seeing with their own eyes."