Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Biased Media

On last Sunday's Meet the Press, 9/11 Commission Member Tom Lehman, when questioned about the connection between Iraq and al Qaeda, had the following to say:
"Well, I really totally disagree with what I thought was outrageously irresponsible journalism, to portray what the staff statement--and again, this is a staff statement; the commissioners have not addressed this issue yet--to portray it as contradicting what the administration said. There's really very little difference between what our staff found, what the administration is saying today and what the Clinton administration said."
So, how is this condemnation reported in the media? According to the L.A Times:

Commission members Sunday repeated that they did not see evidence of collaboration between Al Qaeda and Iraq. (via Oh, That Liberal Media)

When spinning doesn't work, there's always outright lying.