Friday, September 24, 2004

Even Brinkley's Making Fun of Him

The Washington Post, quotes the following from the new introduction to the paperback version of Douglas Brinkley's Tour of Duty:

"A group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, aided by Republican money, formed to challenge Kerry on everything from whether he deserved his first Purple Heart to whether he committed treason when he testified about atrocities in front of J. William Fulbright's Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April 1971. But it was too late. The reality of Kerry's 'Band of Brothers' on the campaign trail . . . had already seared itself on the American imagination." (emphasis added)
Et tu Douglas? (via The Corner)


Even more from Brinkley from Kathryn Jean Lopez in The Corner.

After quoting Brinkley from a NY Times interview saying "Every American now knows that there's something really screwy about George Bush and the National Guard, and they know that John Kerry was not the war hero we thought he was.", Ms. Lopez asks: "If there was a myth, didn't Doug Brinkley write it?"