Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry Giving Up on Swing Voters?

A few nights ago, John Batchelor commented that Kerry's recent comments on Haliburton and Iraq seemed to be aimed at reinforcing his base rather than attracting swing voters. Now Captain's Quarters picks up on an AP story that Kerry is canceling ad buys in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana and Missouri. Ads had been scheduled to start running October 5th, but "...campaign advisers concluded Kerry isn't doing well enough in the states to justify the cost."

Neither Kerry nor Bush have a chance to win by just appealing to their hard-core base, but it seems that recent polls have panicked the Kerry campaign. Kerry's signal virtue in the eyes of the Democratic electorate is that he is "electable", i.e., that his Viet Nam service made him more palatable than the rest of the field, particularly Howard Dean.

With momentum shifting to the President and the myth of "electability" crumbling in the wake of the Swiftvet ads, Kerry faces the possibility of his support imploding. The less electable he looks the more the "anyone but Bush" crowd will resign itself to a loss and the lower Kerry's poll numbers will go. At this point, it looks like the Kerry Campaign is trying to shore up that base to avoid a blow-out.


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