Thursday, September 30, 2004

More Fake Documents at CBS - Update

The New York Post has a good editorial on CBS' latest anti-Bush smear on the possible reinstatement of the draft - DAN DOES IT AGAIN.

The editorial lays out the evidence against the likelihood of reinstatement (most importantly, the military doesn't want it) and points out that the only ones pushing for it are Democrats (primarily Congressman Charlie Rangel from NY). Why run such a story?
Could it be because charges of a secret plan to reinstate the draft just happen to be a key talking point of the Kerry-Edwards campaign?

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean charged that "George Bush is certainly going to have a draft if he goes into a second term."

And ex-Sen. Max Cleland, who has campaigned by John Kerry's side, also said flatly that "America will reinstate the draft" if President Bush is re-elected.

Meanwhile, Kerry himself suggested it is "possible" that Bush will back a draft.

But, again, there isn't the faintest hint of evidence to support such claims.

So, if there is any legitimate story here, it is that Kerry & Co. are blowing smoke.

Instead, Dan Rather runs with what amounts to an unpaid ad for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Is he a moron, incapable of learning anything from the forged-memo fiasco?

Or just a Democratic shill?
My vote is for the later.