Thursday, September 23, 2004

No Closer

Jim Geraghty, the man behind The Kerry Spot, has a good piece in the September 27th issue of National Review (not available on line - you do subscribe, don't you?) debunking Kerry's comeback myth.
Kerry partisans hold up his 1996 reelection race against Gov. William Weld as
the truest test of his campaign mettle. But a key fact has been lost in
the hype: Kerry probably never trailed in the race.
Weld was ahead in only a single poll, up 46 percent to 38 percent in a Boston Herald survey on August 12th. Every other poll showed Kerry with a small lead or in a statistical tie. Kerry ended up winning by 3% while Clinton took the state by 30%. The press played up the "comeback" angle vs the "Clinton coat tails" angle and this has been a staple of Kerry's resume since.

Lots of good discussion of other Kerry races as well, including some background on the "dog hunters" who are mentioned in this MSNBC article. Worth reading.