Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Gracious and Emotional Concession Speech

Senator Kerry ended his presidential bid like a gentleman, conceding victory to President Bush this afternoon in an emotional speech from Boston's Fanueil Hall.

Early in the campaign, when Howard Dean and Wesley Clarke looked like contenders, I hoped that the Democrats would field a more seasoned serious candidate. Senator Lieberman would have been my first choice in such dangerous times, but I would have been happy with either Kerry or Representative Gephardt. As Kerry rode his "electability" and Vietnam service to the nomination, I soured on him. As he embarked on a bitter, rancorous campaign, calibrated to appeal to the worst "anyone-but-Bush" elements of his party, my dislike intensified. When the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth exposed him as a resume-padding JFK-wannabe, and as the MSM furiously tried to prop him up while tearing down Bush, he reached a nadir in my estimation.

But at the end, he did the statesman-like thing and avoided dragging the country through weeks or months of uncertainty, litigation and acrimony. For that, we all owe him a measure of gratitude.

Thanks Senator Kerry, you did the right thing.