Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Suing Your Way to Defeat

The Weekly Standard has a summary of Daschle's unsuccessful suit against his Republican opponent, John Thune at Suing Your Way to Defeat.

Author Joseph Bottum thinks this stunt will cost Daschle the election (if he hasn't lost it already)and credits the alternative media with providing enough scrutiny to keep the judge in the case, a close personal friend of Dacshle's, honest:
Daschle has seriously misunderstood the power of the alternative media, especially radio and the Internet, to get news about this kind of thing out to the voting public. The South Dakota bloggers have been relentless: Jon Lauck live blogged the hearing (and the judge whined about it in open court: is that cool, or what?) Jason Van Beek kept the stream coming through the night, as did Steve Sibson, Ryne McClaren, and others.

The kind of political trick that Daschle's lawyers tried works only if it remains an unverified rumor through Election Day, and things don't remain rumors anymore. The new electronic world welcomes you, Senator Daschle--and it says goodbye to you, as well. The whole state now knows about the lawsuit, and your claims of vicious eye-rolling, and how you've turned into some weird guy at a cocktail party doing his chicken imitations.