Monday, November 08, 2004

A Win Over Media Bias

Michael Barone in U.S. News & World Report explains Bush's win as a victory of love over hate:
Millions of Democrats and leftists have been seething with hatred for George W. Bush for years, and many of them lined up before the polls opened to cast their votes against him--one reason, apparently, that the exit poll results turned out to favor Democrats more than did the actual results. But Republicans full of love, or at least affection, for George W. Bush turned out steadily later in the day or sent in their ballots days before.
Barone argues that the current electoral results, not just for the presidency, but for Congress as well, following on the heels of similar results in 2002 indicate that this is now a "51 percent nation" with the majority leaning Republican.

Barone also turns his eye on those who aided and abetted the "anyone but Bush" crowd, the MSM:
He has been the target all year of vicious and biased coverage from old media, many if not most of whose personnel saw their job as removing this scourge from the presidency. The 60 Minutes story about Bush's Air National Guard service, which was based on obviously forged documents, is only the most egregious example. Old media have headlined violence in Iraq and reported almost nothing about positive developments there; they highlighted the charges of self-promoter Joseph Wilson and spoke nary a word when they were proved bogus; they have given good economic news far less positive coverage, studies show, than they did when Bill Clinton was in office.
The handicap provided by the negative drumbeat of the MSM makes Bush's victory all the more impressive.