Friday, February 11, 2005

Eason Jordan is Out at CNN

Fox News is reporting that Eason Jordan has resigned. Chalk up another scalp for the blogosphere, which has been the main source of coverage on the controversy.

In his column posted at National Review Online today, Larry Kudlow, one of the few MSM figures who have given the story play, gave kudos to the blogosphere. Kudlow had Senators George Allen, Jeffrey Sessions, and Norman Coleman on his show discussing Jordan's comments at Davos and attributed their awareness of the comments to blog coverage:

Importantly, each was aware of the story.This tawdry tale has been reported, for the most part, only on the blogosphere, again pointing out just how strong this alternative Internet medium has become. The blogosphere is relentless: It rightfully hammered Eason Jordan and CNN from day one and refuses to stop. We’ve seen this before, of course. Easongate comes only a few months after Rathergate, the blogosphere-led campaign that ensured the dismissal of producer Mary Mapes from CBS and Dan Rather’s hasty departure.The blogosphere has gained near immediate influence and credibility with its ability to widely disseminate alternative media coverage. (These days, “alternative” more often than not means “true.”) Powerhouse bloggers such as John Hinderaker, Glenn Reynolds, and Hugh Hewitt, among many others, have flexed their muscles and badly bruised CNN on this story.
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