Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Iowahawk on The Supreme Court

Iowahawk takes the recent trend by the Supreme Court to its logical conclusion:

In a far-reaching decision that will likely create complicated consequences for the American livestock and wedding-planning industries, the Supreme Court this morning ruled 5-4 that all US marriage dowries "must include three non-diseased oxen."

Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy cited "the weight of the expansive penumbra surrounding the historically emerging and prevailing opinions of tribal shamans from Lesotho to Myanamar" in issuing the historic ruling in American Cattleman Association vs. Modern Bride, Helverson, et al.

In a scathing and sometimes caustic dissent, Judge Antonin Scalia wrote that "Holy. Freakin'. Shit."
The best thing President Bush could do to alert people to the threat of both radical Islam and and out-of-control judiciary that, having exhausted the possibilities in the penumbra of the US Constitution, is now cherry-picking foreign laws, is to recess-appoint a wahabbi inman to the Court to fill the next vacancy.

Not that I'm conflating the two threats, but having a Supreme Court Justice who decides cases based on European law is little different in theory from having one who decides cases based on Sharia. Not only would such an appointment point out the perils of such jurisprudence, it would shed some light on the "religion of peace".