Wednesday, March 02, 2005

"My theory of the Cold War is that we win and they lose."

Steve Conover at The Skeptical Optimist, writing about Democratic efforts to avoid giving the Bush administration any credit for the anti-Syrian protests in Lebanon, likens it to similar efforts to not give President Reagan credit for the fall of the Soviet Union, and comes up with a great Reagan Quote:

"My theory of the Cold War is that we win and they lose. What do you think about that?"

Ronald Reagan in 1977, to his future national security advisor Richard Allen

Mr. Conover's piece is here:The Skeptical Optimist: Face it, Ed: It's a Duck (hattip: Instapundit). The quote is drawn form a longer piece in the Wall Street Journal by Peter Robinson on the occassion of President Reagan's death this past Summer, which can be found here: 'Morning Again in America'.

Six months ago, the Left was warning that Bush was a wild-eyed optimist with some kind of messianic vision that elections in Iraq would lead to the spread of democracy in the Middle East. Now that's it's actually beginning to happen, he had nothing to do with it. With luck like that, the President should give up his day job and move to Vegas.