Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy...well not that vast

Byron York has a new book out titled "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy", about "the biggest, richest, and best organized movement in American political history". Jacob Laskin reviews it today in the WSJ:

"All the usual suspects are here: Bush-bashing billionaire George Soros; politicos like Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean; squadrons of Democratic strategists and spin-men; left-wing luminaries like Michael Moore and Al Franken...

Beneath the patina of confidence, however, the left-wing conspiracy often seems pitiable, as desperate as it is determined. Above all, its members are angry--at the perceived injustice of the 2000 presidential election, at the prospect of long-term Republican governance, at John Kerry's inept campaigning. Even, it appears, at being called angry."

Elsewhere at OpinionJournal, John Fund points out that the left wing conspiracy isn't that vast, or at least not as vast as it was, electorally:
"In 2000, Mr. Bush carried 228 congressional districts to Al Gore's 207 on his way to one of the closest victories in American history. This year Mr. Bush carried 255 congressional districts, nearly six in 10."
While David Brooks in the NY Times posits the cause for the growth in the vast right wing conspiracy:
"Conservatives have not triumphed because they have built a disciplined and efficient message machine. Conservatives have thrived because they are split into feuding factions that squabble incessantly. As these factions have multiplied, more people have come to call themselves conservatives because they've found one faction to agree with."
The times they are a'changing...