Tuesday, January 24, 2006

President Bush and Religion - 2

From the WSJ's review of Fred Barnes' new book Rebel-in-Chief:

In the course of Mr. Barnes's narrative, we learn some interesting tidbits about the Bush White House. Mr. Bush, contrary to media hysteria on the subject, mentions Jesus Christ less often than Bill Clinton did.
Of course, critics aren't concerned when Bill mentions God, or when John Kerry gives a speech at a Black Church because they know its just a sop to the rubes who actually believe that stuff. See my earlier post here: President Bush and Religion

Another insightfull point from the review:

As a result, Mr. Barnes argues, Mr. Bush's "rebel in chief" style has brought Republicans to the political mountaintop. In 2004, Mr. Bush beat John Kerry 51% to 48% in an unusually large turnout--historically a sign that a political realignment may be at hand--and helped congressional Republicans achieve a majority as well. "Clinton got what he worked diligently for: personal popularity," sums up Mr. Barnes. "Bush was willing to surrender personal popularity to get what he sought: a transformation of American politics that made Republicans the majority party."
Bush could have pulled a Clinton after 9/11 and lobbed a few cruise missiles, but he took a long hard road instead. Long wars are never popular, but sometimes they're necessary.